Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Free marketing of products made with recycled material

Minister Pierre Uys, provincial minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, invites all people producing goods from recycled content material to advertise for free in a special Western Cape Recycled Products Catalogue.

This catalogue will follow the first edition compiled in 2008 and is the first such eco-efficiency initiative for a specialized guide in the country where everything recycled available for the home, garden, play and work in one province is showcased together at no charge.

The Provincial Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning has embarked on a programme of action to stimulate the recycling economy and to show people it is trendy to buy recycled. The Department endeavors to pro-actively stimulate growth and job creation in the province.

To this end two special exhibitions to showcase interesting gifts were held during the festive season last year. The catalogue was also widely distributed.

The *buy recycled* campaign aims to inform the public that the salvaging or separation of recyclables from waste is not enough to support the recycling industry. Collected or recovered waste material (recyclables) will end up at landfill facilities if there is no demand for products made from the recovered material.

The aim is to secure the supply of salvaged material, and to stimulate
the demand for recyclables going back into the manufacturing processes. Furthermore it is necessary to promote products made from reclaimed material, which is key in conserving scarce natural resources.

*By buying products made from recovered rather than virgin material, all contribute towards reducing energy consumption and green house gas emissions that speeds up climate change.

*In buying products made from recycled material consumers will also contribute towards saving on limited landfill space and conserve natural resources. Buying recycled products will further support the much needed job and opportunity creation in the province.

*Give a gift of conscience and be part of the solution to conserve our natural resources by reducing harm to our environment. It makes perfect environmental sense to reduce, reuse and recycle,* Minister Uys says.

Minister Uys invited all people who want their products included in the catalogue, to please phone (021) 483 2971 or send their information to Tuesday 24 February 2009.

Cobus Grobler (media officer) 073 133 7299
Minister Uys 082 4555 144

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