Monday, December 8, 2008

Minister Pierre Uys re-launches the Palmiet Hiking Trail

Minister Pierre Uys (cutting the ribbon with the scissors) re-launched the Palmiet Hiking Trail in the Overberg during the week ahead of the celebrations on Saturday (6 December 2008) of the International Day of Disabled Persons. This trail is suitable to be utilised by sight impaired people and has now been upgraded and made more accessible also for a wider range of other people with disabilities. On the left is Ms. Lucille Meyer, CEO of CapeNature, together with representatives of the Western Cape Network on Disability. Ms. Lynne Brown, Western Cape premier, also addressed attendees at the re-launch.
Photo: Christopher Daniels

Monday, December 1, 2008

UN Climate Change Conference in Poznan, Poland

The United Nations Climate Change Conference in PoznaƄ, Poland, begins today and will continue until 12 December.

The Official UNFCCC site is here.

There is a Facebook Group specifically for COP 14 - search Facebook Groups for "UN Climate Talks - COP 14"

UNFCCC COP 14 website >>>

UNFCCC Video channel >>>

Climate Change TV >>>

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